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Power BI Desktop crash with Live connection

When working on a report 'connected live to the PBI dataset' everytime I hit refresh the desktop instance freezes and have to force close/open PBI. Is this a known bug?


On the May 2021 release and have noticed this for a while in previous releases. There are sometimes it works, but majority of the time not. 



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I have tested on my side, but not reproduce the problem.


try to clear the cache for power bi desktop and then install it again,

and also have a test previous version to see if it works well.





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@pmcmonag Happens to me too. Any resolution?

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Happens constantly to me as well.   


Anyone from MS reading these??

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@v-lili6-msft To reproduce:

1) Open Power BI Desktop and connect to a Power BI Dataset -- preferably a really large one.

2) Create some visual, any visual.

3) Don't touch Power BI Desktop for 30 minutes.

4) Return to Power BI Desktop and click REFRESH on the toolbar. This is where it freezes.

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@v-lili6-msft     The poster above is exactly correct.    If you leave Power Bi open, and step away to do other things, and then come back to your Power Bi report (the one that is connected via Live Connection), the report will freeze when you try to refresh.   


Happens every time. 


And it is very annoying.   Especially if you have multiple other Power Bi reports open because you have to use Task Manager to shut down Power Bi completely in order to re-open any of the frozen reports.  

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@v-syr   @v-xul  @v-lili6-msft    Is anyone from Microsoft reading this?   Can you give any guidance as to why this happens and how to resolve??

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This happens to me also that live connected power bi reports stucks in Power BI Desktop application itself after some time period (at least over 30 minutes in idle) and I need to kill power bi process in Task Manager. This is very annoying as you may guess.

This problem has been visible at least past 1+ year when I created such dataset connected power bi report.

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Even with latest update it will not stop... it is quite embarrassing... makes you lose tons of work. this is not really something votable... it's a problem that needs fixing, period. this is happening absolutely constantly like clockwork on Desktop. The trigger for me is when you try adjusting filters for widgets. It seems like the loading of the values is what causes the crash, which is instantenous and never returns, Power BI must be Ctrl+ALt+Del'd to get rid of it. Surely simply adding an option to either have the connection live or import would fix this? Please advise?

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@v-lili6-msft  @v-syr   @v-xul    Anyone from Microsoft listening??

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@v-lili6-msft  @v-syr   @v-xul   This is definitely an issue for a lot of people, so please don't brush this off since you say you cannot reproduce it. Email me. I'll set up a WebEx and show you.


Thankfully you can still press CTRL+S to save your work when Power BI Desktop freezes, and it works.