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Slow Performance when using BigQuery BI engine in Direct Query mode

I start testing BigQuery BI engine with PowerBI using Direct Query mode, when working with a simple measure the performance is ok, but if I add two measures or using something like cumulative sum, the performance became extremely slow, we are talking 10 to 12 seconds, keep in mind BigQuery render in less than a second, so it defintely something to do with PowerBI.



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You may take a look at Optimization guide for Power BI and share feedback via ideas.

Advocate V
Advocate V

@v-chuncz-msft  it is a bug in PowerBI, I have being asked by the one of the PowerBI PM to report it here, which I did 🙂

Regular Visitor

Puzzles me how nothing has been done on this in months since the first post. Are we the only ones facing this performance issue?
I would love to continue using PBI but we need direct query connection and data streaming. At the current status it's impossible.