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Slow Dataflow Refresh

Hi Everyone


Is anyone experiencing slow dataflow refreshes? Since this morning, I have a dataflow that is taking very long to refresh. I haven't edited the dataflow for at least a month and it has been working fine up to now.


A simple text-inputed table (4 rows, 2 columns) took 15 minutes to update. Another similar table took 27 minutes to update. Both of these tables are not linked to an external data source and should usually take 30s to refresh. I cancelled the refresh after about 2h30. The dataflow was not even half-way through a refresh that normally takes 20 minutes.


I aborted the second attempt at refreshing the dataflow after about an hour and the first table (text-inputed, 3 rows, 2 columns) had not yet refreshed.

Status: Delivered

Based on the discussion in this post, It looks like an issue happened in specific region Europe and it has been fixed up to now. If there is still someone has this issue and it's continuous in the case of  simple table structure and not very large data amount, please consider opening support ticket for further help. 


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Caiyun

Advocate IV

Same issue here. Even a new dataflow with only 1 empty tabel is giving a time-out.

Regular Visitor

Hello! I have a same problem with all my Data Flows

New Member

I have the same issues since yesterday. I have just two Dataflows which take over then 3 hours to load from source. I have a gateway in place that have a sql server as a connection. I also don´t change anything on the dataflow. 


Is there any Microsoft Power BI support answer for this issue? Are there any issues with the POwer BI Service?

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Same here northern europe both SQL and Dataverse are timing out.  Seems to have started overnight.

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Same here. Region West Europe. Tonight the dataflows refreshed, but of this morning it is not possible to refresh anymore.


Mainly the data comes from storage accounts (parquet files).

I created a dataset with the same parquet file as source. And then tried to refresh the dataset. This is also extremly slow.

Regular Visitor

Hopefully they fix it significantly faster than last time (june this year) when my customers couldn't refresh for 2 weeks. It's hard to sell this to your customers when the service is so intermittend and support from Microsoft is close to none. Again no mention of any issues anywhere except for this forum thread. 

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We have the same problem! It's very bad because all report based on dataflows. Please, correct it ASAP.

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Any update from Microsoft?

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Same issue using power bi desktop!


Community is going faster than Microsoft Support services because going to power BI support webpage (, you can read right now: 


"No known issues: Power BI is running smoothly"


A joke!



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Same here.  Something defo wrong as I created a 'hello world' query and it is still taking hours to refresh.


Exceptionally frustrating for enterprise software