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Slicers are not showing drop-down values directly under visual

This bug started happening to me in the Power BI Service yesterday in Chrome, and to my coworker today in Edge. When I click on a drop-down slicer to select a value, the list appears way off to the side instead of directly under the visual. Screenshots are attached. If a slicer is off to the far right of the page, the drop-down list won't appear at all as it's been "shifted" to a location off screen.


Changing the browser window's size will shift the drop-down location, but it's never exactly where it should be. I checked and confirmed my Chrome browser is up to date, installed the latest Power BI and Windows updates, rebooted my machine, and deleted my cache, but the issue persists. Any help is appreciated.


2021-09-03 13_55_05-Weekly Summary - Power BI.png2021-09-03 13_56_07-OWP Dashboard - Power BI.png

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I tried the latest version to publish a report and it seems to be working fine. Clear cache and check it again.

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I am getting this same problem across multiple reports. Also on some visuals you cannot get to a tooltip that is on the right hand side of the visual. Seems like there is an offset issue appearing in multiple places that items are being pushed to the right.

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Same problem discovered here. This problem occurs for us when we use the lateste version of the edge browser. In chrome everything still works fine for the slicers.

This problem only occurs at the edge browser at this moment for us.


In Edge when you use the full screen the slicer is moved to the right, when you narrow down the browser window the slicer get's misplaced.

For now we don't have this issue on chrome.. Don't know if this can be a version issue on the chrome browser as well.

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Hi Fenalytics


I am getting issue in Edge and on Chrome. In Edge I did either of the following to resolve


1) In the service, view button, select Actual Size

2) In your browser options, select 90% zoom instead of 100% zoom


Hope this helps.


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I am having exactly the same problem in Chrome & Edge (no issues Firefox).  Changing the browser zoom to 90% fix the issue.


Any idea when we'll get a permanent solution?


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I've got the same problem here. Very annoying for multiple users and have tried everything I can think of including clearing cache. 

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Same issue on EDGE Version 93.0.961.38 (Official build) (64-bit) and Power BI Report Server Oct 2020.

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Same issue with EDGE and Chrome.


This bug makes our reports unusable because the dropdown box of some slicers appears off screen. 

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A similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned.

IcM 260227233

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We are experiencing this in all of our reports across the latest version of Chrome.  


We have not tested this in the latest Edge builds.