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Bug in data load - Power BI datasets are missing in Power Query

Hello everyone,


there is a bug for the selection of the "Power BI dataset" since the last version (August 2021, Product Version 2.96.901.0 (21.08) (x64)).
When I use the "Get data" dialogue in Power BI or directly the icon for "Power BI datasets" the option to add a Power BI dataset as data source is there as usual:




However if I start Power Query first and want to add a "Power BI dataset" as a source, the option is missing:


I would be happy if you could fix that bug as I am starting directly in Power Query many times.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Thank you and best regards

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Community Support



This may be related to the following limitation. You may share feedback via ideas.

  • Using DirectQuery on datasets from “My workspace” is not currently supported.

Super User

Hey @v-chuncz-msft ,


this has nothing to do with DirectQuery.

The bug exists when you open a blank file and go directly to Power Query. It also appears when you already imported data.


Best regards


Community Support



The issue is reported internally and I will keep you posted with any updates.

IcM 260190245

Community Support



This is by design. Connectors that don't support Mashup queries don't show up in the Query Editor because the Query Editor would be disabled once the connection is made. Since the PBI datasets connector is live connect only, it's only accessible from the ribbon in the main window (report/data/model views).