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Slicers are not showing drop-down values directly under visual

This bug started happening to me in the Power BI Service yesterday in Chrome, and to my coworker today in Edge. When I click on a drop-down slicer to select a value, the list appears way off to the side instead of directly under the visual. Screenshots are attached. If a slicer is off to the far right of the page, the drop-down list won't appear at all as it's been "shifted" to a location off screen.


Changing the browser window's size will shift the drop-down location, but it's never exactly where it should be. I checked and confirmed my Chrome browser is up to date, installed the latest Power BI and Windows updates, rebooted my machine, and deleted my cache, but the issue persists. Any help is appreciated.


2021-09-03 13_55_05-Weekly Summary - Power BI.png2021-09-03 13_56_07-OWP Dashboard - Power BI.png

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New Member

Same issue here on Chrome & Edge.  If I change the view to actual size the drop downs work again but on a much smaller visuals page.

Regular Visitor

Had the same issue, it seems to work when I zoom the page in Chrome to 90% instead of 100%

Helper V

This is happening for me too. I found that zooming in or out by 10% caused slicer values to appear correctly. I had to zoom out 20% for date slicer inputs. I can't expect users to be able to know to do this (though I've already put the word out). Many reports have the slicers on the right side of the page and the slicer options appear OFF the side of the page, making them unusable.

Frequent Visitor

At least the rendering issue has been added by MS to the Power BI Support Page now.

Advocate II

This issue is happening to all users using either Edge or Chrome.


It is not just a cosmetic issue but prevents key choice options from being visable, thus causing reports to be useless. 


Here is one example we use a slicer to navigate to other report pages, note that choices are truncated: 



Frequent Visitor

According to the Power BI Status page a bugfix will be rolled out at the end of Sept 19th.

Not applicable

Same issue with EDGE and Chrome.
For my test, I changed the Scale and Layout for more then 100% in a Display settings (Windows) and it worked better.
But I can't make that change for all company.

Advocate II

I confirm that this issue was resolved for our reports with the update that was apparently pushed out over the weekend.


Thank you. 

Frequent Visitor

Same for me.

Advocate III

It's working for us too now!