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Single select slicer not removing default



When using a single select slicer and publishing to the web it, it does not snap to the first value in the list but keeps the default, even if the default no longer exists.


The power bi desktop forces you to select a default value, which when published to the web and having one report serving many customers with RLS may not be relevent. Therefore reports appear blank until a new value is selected, whereby the default disappears from the list.


We need the single select slicer to be able to clear the default selection and snap to the first in the list, this used to be the behaviour and it must have changed recently. Until this happens the single select slicer is not useable for enterprise solutions with many customers and RLS.



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Hi, Please refer the solution provided in above comments you have to set slicer state when you load the powerbi as required by you this will undo the previous selection

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any update on this issue?


The anomaly is not localized on Embedded version, but also on standard Power BI reports published in Service or, even, in Desktop version.


The resetting of default individual option generates confusion in the final user and it occurs in case of:

- Multi-language database. Switching from one language to another one the user has to select all the individual filters again.

- RLS. The user that has no permission on the default selected option has to select another option.

- Field Parameters, and general dimensions in case of interacting with other elements.

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Any updates on this? I also use the desktop version and whenever I publish a report to the service from desktop, I'm having the same issue. It's super annoying for user to see a default value that is not relevant to the user.

I hope someone has a solution for this.