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Scheduled Refresh Not Starting + Refresh On Demand not responding

Hi all,


Yesterday we experienced the issue of inability to load reports, and today the majority of our scheduled report refresh jobs have not started, and are unresponsive when prompting a refresh on demand.


Have anyone else had the same issues lately?


Our location is North Europe, and I assume that this might be a problem for others in the region. Meanwhile, Microsoft claims that the service status is "Good" with "No known issues: Power BI is running smoothly". An actual update on ongoing issues and what is done to resolve them would be highly appreciated.

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Our scheduled refreshes have started again. 
I had disabled then re-enabled them (not sure if this made a difference).


It didn't run until some time after it was scheduled - so I guess it was queued up behind other tasks?

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@DouweMeer Since a few minutes we are able to refresh some of the reports (without removing and reconnecting the reports). 




It seems that Power BI is slowly retaining to normal state.

But it would be so much more helpfull if Microsoft would update the status from time to time

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What would be better is if we could have some feedback from the system. How is the upload doing. At which percentage is it and what is the upload speed. How is the scheduled refresh doing, how far is it, what is the current ranking for those that are pending for its refresh. What is the ETA when it is done based on the past. They have ML for the reports, but apparently not for themselves :). 


Perhaps you can ask for an official statement from Power BI about what just happend. Perhaps they did work on the issue, but only from a different input than this thread. 

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Apparently they are working on the matter and it should be solved, based on the Power BI status page:




Further more I agree with @DouweMeer. I also would like to see better logging/issue notification

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Same issue.


However we had one report that succeded in a schedule refresh at 7.30-7.35 AM CET.


And that is the only report, that works. Rest is not working




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we are also facing similar issue. If i do the refresh from power bi desktop it is working. Through service it is getting failed. Azure SQL server is the source. Some of the small dataset is working properly. 

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Same problem in the Netherlands. I am getting run down by colleagues and since the service is hosted on Microsoft servers there's nothing we can do. Can the Power BI team investigate the issue? We seem to have this problem every week...

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same problem here in mexico.


my issues started on the same time and date as your report.


my last refresh was on may 21st and i have not been able to refresh  my dataset since then.


the warning signal indicates this

Activity IDe9dc2437-fcf4-4187-9447-b0e240fc6f39
Request IDc9fa3501-0c11-41ad-9a8e-d317a83fe04c
Time2019-07-17 01:54:06Z
and says my next refresh is available august 27th.
has anyone been able to fix this?