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SVGs in Buttons no longer respecting image size or Image Fit fill setting in

Prior to this weekend (9/20/2021), buttons filled with SVG's would render the correct size in and honor the SVG's size.


Now, they try to fill the space, ignoring the Image Fit parameter in Desktop, which renders them correctly.


For example, I have a button that is 64x40. I fill it with an SVG that is sized to be 24x24 with the Image Fit parameter as Normal.

  • In Desktop, everything looks they way it should. It renders with centered at 24x24, allowing the appearance of padding within the button.
  • In, the SVG is stretched to scale to fill the button, resulting in the SVG being scaled to the edges of the button.

This is breaking the aesthetics of the report and needs to be fixed back to how it was functioning last week.

Status: Accepted
Microsoft Employee

Hi there!  We're evaluating a fix that will restore the previous behavior.  Can you confirm that it is only misbehaving with images smaller than the button?  If the image is bigger than the button, is the current behavior what you would expect?

Community Support


This issue seems to have been displayed as awareness on the Power BI support page last week.



And it seems to have been fixed in last Sunday, would you like to check if the problem has disappeared?


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Advocate II

Hi @v-robertq-msft ,


This is still a problem. Several people have reported this problem in the forum. 


For example:

Regular Visitor



same problem with my imported images. In Desktop the configuration works. But it fails in web





Advocate II

September 2021 Desktop update is now available, so it is now possible to apply Shape shadow and shape glow to the button in Desktop - this affects the fitment of the button picture  HOWEVER it does not work when I view the report via Embed Web link. 

Buttons in PowerBi service (Shape shadow option applied)




Buttons in emeded link



ALSO when shape shadow function is enabled then the button text aligment follows the Shape shadow "Preset" option. For example if shape shadow "bottom right" is selected then it is impossible to align the text to left.

* Shape shadow enabled (bottom right) & text aligned to left - you can see that the text does not start from left there is huge gap between left border and the text. 



* Shape shadow turned off and text aligned to middle




Regular Visitor

Despite de sunday-Monday update on this subject, still happens in SVGs and small buttons:







Regular Visitor

Hi @sixto_jansa ,


Thank for share your problem. Please, consider to post it also at


where the comunity support is writing.


Thank you

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted