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Publishing from desktop is not rendering changes in Service

When I publish my changes in desktop (formatting, filter changes, new visuals), they are not rendering in Service but breaks the old report unless I go into each report page and update the changes and save there.....

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Hi @TonyMo,


Did you make any changes in the data model structure? Please test it with publishing it to another App workspace.


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Update... I just downloaded the report again this morning from Power BI Service, made changes to a Text box, added a Text Box, and made changed to 5 report pages that had a refresh text box (updated the data label color) and deleted some text boxes....  published it back up and it said it was successful but did not capture the changes.


When I publish it to My Workspace, everything looks like my desktop .pbix file.  It seems that our Workspace is only updating the dataset and not the reports for this particular report.  I can go through and delete my dashboards and the dataset but really feel there is something wrong with the way PBI Service is picking this up.  This is not the first time I have made extensive changes to the layout of my report pages and have had no problem publishing back up before.


My standard practice is to download the current version on PBI Service and then make my changes in Desktop and then publish back up.  There were minor changes made to the model such as column name changes that when I published it back up, the Service captured those from the data set because I had to fix some of my visuals in the report.  I have a colleague that had the same experience on 5/22/18.

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The only other thing that I can think of is that our Workspace name changed recently as the department name changed....... Not sure if that is the reason or that is the hiccup.  FYI, I am working in Microsoft's domain on a microsoft project.  MSIT.  We made the change in the MS Teams site for our MSTeams Pages.

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I am experiencing the same issue