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Problems displaying data language using multilingual SSAS cube on Local Power BI Report Server

Hello everybody,


I have problems with the data language while displaying a Power BI report on my local Power BI Report Server (version of March 2018). Using Power BI Desktop (with my PowerBI report), there is no problem with data language, it works well.


The datasource of my report is a SSAS cube with translations in french, english and italian (implemented in the cube conception). The default language of the cube is english. Power BI Report Server is supposed to display the menu, toolbars and the content of the report with the operating system language.


In order to let you understand thoses problems, I created a simple multilingual datawarehouse. The SQL script to create the datawarehouse strucure and its data, the SSAS project and the Power BI Report of my example can be downloaded on the following link :


The data model structure of my datawarehouse :

Data model.png


In my SSAS Project, I have a cube called "Sales_Cube" and its 3 dimensions (Product Group, Company, and Tim) translated in 3 languages (english, french and italian). The default language is english (United States).

Cube structure.png


In the "Product Group" dimension, I have an attribute called "Product Group Label" that match with the column "DIM_PRODUCT_GROUP.LAB_PRODUCT_GROUP_EN". This attribute is translated in french and italian and the translation column also depends on the language. For instance, in french translation, it matchs with the column "DIM_PRODUCT_GROUP.LAB_PRODUCT_GROUP_FR" :

Dimension Product Group.png


I create a Power BI Report called "POC_PowerBI_Language.pbix" with Power BI Desktop, it looks like that :

Power BI Report.png


The language of my operating system is english (United States) (Windows language and keyboard). I upload this report on my local Power BI Report Server and I open it, refresh the data and I have the following result :

Wrong data language PBRS.png


It looks like this is returning random data languages from my cube in the report ! The menu and toolbar are correctly translated in english however I can not understand why the object "Product Group Label" is displayed in a mix of french and english on the tab and in french on the graph. There is the same problem if I switch the operating system language to italian or french with the data translation in Power BI report.


To put it in a nutshell, I have 2 problems :


1) The data language of the report ("POC_PowerBI_Language.pbix") doesn't match with the language of the operating system ! There are lots of bug concerning the data language while using cube (SSAS). Why is not working properly ?


2) I am not able to change the language of my Power BI report (for instance with a parameters containing the list of availables languages of my cube ?). That's a very important point for me, is that possible ?


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Community Support

Hi @Jonathan741,


I have sent a email to consult this issue internally, will update here once I get any information. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Frequent Visitor



I'm facing the same issue with PBI Report Server when the report is published.


I changed the default language in the browser and in control panel but PBI Report Server select he language randomly or I'm unable to understand the behaviour.


It seems that the last version doesn't include a fix for the language display in PBI Report Sever.


Please advise if you any idea or tests to fix the issue

Frequent Visitor

Hi all

I seem to be having a similar issue, but in reverse
Prior to the March 2018 Report Server update, all worked fine - reports on the report server correctly displayed Swedish translations (as per the translation in the SSAS cube), and PowerBI Desktop also displayed Swedish translations on my local machine (Windows language Swedish)

However, after the March 2018 update, PowerBI Desktop on my local machine will only display everything in English, but the same report on report server will display the Swedish translations - with no option to change either, making it hard to develop and view in PowerBI Desktop.

I'm also keen to hear if there are any developmens on this thread.

New Member

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft,


Do you know when this issue will be fixed ? Can you give us more information ?


This issue was submitted 6 months ago now... and this is very important to display data in the correct language.


Thank you,