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PowerBI Desktop Update notifications not working properly

I have never managed to get an update notification with Power BI Desktop. Currently, I'm on 2.97.921.0 (64-bit) and see that there is a newer version 2.98.683.0 on

Update notifications are enabled on the Options pane and I'm not using the Microsoft Store version of Power BI Desktop (as it has an Oracle database connectivity issse and the suggested workaround is to use the Microsoft Download version).

On another post, I saw this suggestion by @v-lid-msft: "Would they please try this link in the browser, this is the actual request sent from the Application to check for a newer version."

The json file returned has a "ClientUpdateVersion" key "value" of "2.97.920.0" which may be the problem itself. As it stands, this is not the current version and it is also smaller than my installed version; so it makes sense that I am not getting a notification.

Status: Investigating
Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating
Community Support



As far as I know, several prominent issues of the new version have been reported internally. The reason might be to avoid unstable production. You may keep an eye on future releases.

Advocate I

Hi @v-chuncz-msft,

The json file returned now has a "ClientUpdateVersion" value of "2.98.1003.0" and I did get the update notification in Power BI Desktop application. So, update notifications are actuıally working as intended in the app.

However, the update process is quite out of sync with the current version on Microsoft Downlad Center -, lagging as much as a few weeks behind. Actulally, the current version now is 2.98.1004.0.