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[BUG] Unable to see DAX measures in reports created pre-october update

When opening all our reports that we have created over time, we are unable to see the DAX code. The formula bar does simply not appear when selecting a measure.

Status: Investigating
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I see this behavior too however only with live conected models with Analys Servises, 

on imported mode models it seems to be working correctly

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating
Community Support
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Same behaviour here. Can't see Dax Measure. All our pbix files are connected to Azure Analysis Sirvices.

Work around:
create a new measure that will pop up the dax measure bar, click "X" and then you will be able to see your older measures.

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Unable to see DAX after clicking on measure.   

Work around: 

  1. Create New Measure
  2. Stand up, turn around 3x, sit down 
  3. Delete new measure
  4. Click existing measure, now formula bar, with the DAX, will appear after a polite wait

Power Bi Premium Gen 2 

Dataset is a Tabular Model




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I am also experiencing this issue with Power BI Desktop connected to Tabular Model

Version: 2.98.882.0 64-bit (October 2021)

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Version 2.98.1004.0 Release today 10/29/2021 still has the same issue

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Same issue.  Using @Anonymous's workaround/turnaround technique... 😝

Helper V

Very relieved to have found this post and the temporary dance around the room fix.


This is a really big issue for us - until now we have been blind / lost the ability to view any measures added to PBIX files connecting to Live Datasets!


We only spotted the issue 3 days ago, but amazed its been present for some for 2 weeks and still hasn't been fixed.



New Member

It seems the problem is still there with the November release (2.99.621.0 64-bit) and no workaround works for me. Do you have the same issue with November release too?