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Power KPI Matrix Visual Issues

Hi Team,


I am unable to get the "KPI Status" and "Comparison Value" fields to work in the Power KPI Matrix Visual even with the same data in the sample file for the visual.

I checked all the options and tried to replicate the visual exactly as it is in the sample and it stil does not work.


Am I doing something wrong or is th visual no good. I can share the file if needed.



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Hi @Qiuyun Yu


Thank you for your kind offer of assistance.

As I am using an SSAS Tabular model cube as my dat source, dummy data is not practical.


It is quite possible that I misunderstand the concepts behind the Power KPI Matrix visualisation.


These screen shots provide more information about the data.

First image presents my data in a table.

This includes the SSAS KPI along with the new 1,2,3 index I added for use with the new visualisation.


The second image shows the visualisation with empty KPI Status and Comparison value.   I have also included parts of the Power KPI visualisation that shows works as expected.


Kind Regards,





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Hi Manny,


I wouldn't use such a dataset... because:

- column D / F / H  are redundant;

- the "KPI Status" is not available.



- step 01: make the columns A / B / C / E / G  available in Excel - Power Pivot

- step 02: define one measure for each column C / E / G  ( e.g. Average of all values in the column )

- step 03: define one (target) measure for each column D / F / H

- step 04: right click the measure defined in step 02 - Edit KPI settings

- step 05: Edit KPI settings - the "measure" = the target measure defined in step 03

- step 06: ( import this Excel in Power BI Desktop + apply the "PowerKPIMatrixEB" ) or use Power View

- interesting link:




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@GCL thank you for your reply. I followed your procedure and had the same results. KPI Status and Comparison value do not show. I am having the same exact problem as shown by @Staeven.


The PowerKPIMatrix1.0.1.pbix shows this example.



If you export this data and then import it into a new Power KPI Matrix visusal, it also has the same problem.

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Considering the second image of Staeven : this configuration is not correct.


 - stick to the "Production KPI" ( and do not mix the kpi fields )

 - define the STATUS in the "KPI Indicator Index"

 - define the GOAL in the "Comparison Value"

 - define the VALUE in the "KPI Indicator Value"


 - define your "Row-based Metric Name" (related to "actual production")


Latest update related to the Power KPI Matrix:

and consider the info at the bottom of this page -> "PowerKPIMatrix."





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@GCL thank you for your support. Following the guidance from PowerKPIMatrix2.0.0.pbix my issue has been resolved and my production data as a Column-Based Data Model is now working!

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The same issue has been encountered during my experience with this custom visual. Please assist me fix this. Thank you!


Validation Power BI file URL:!AqnqE1fQbvGWhUl4zpn8_JVBPoxm


Note: This was developed on the basis of the sample version PowerKPIMatrix.



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The reason why it doesn't show is because you have not done the mapping yet. So on your visual...clik on the ellipse and clikc on edit. From there you will see the mapping exercise required for the comparison and KPI to show up.

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@Manny,Thank you and it worked... Somehow I missed this settings while go through the documentation or YouTube video for this visual.

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No was simple and I missed it the first time too.!

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Just check in the Power BI Query that the column containing the KPI indicator is defined as a "Whole number", otherwise you won't be able to see the markers.