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Power BI reports taking ages to publish and getting frequent "contact the owner of this workspace"

Since this morning we are having massive difficulty publishing reports to our workspaces. There are a number of reports, both with live data sources or "presentation" ones based on static spreadsheets over various workspaces. Regardless of the data source or complexity of the models they are taking anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour or more to publish if they publish at all. We have also frequently been receiving an error saying we cannot publish to a workspace please contact the admin/owner (that would be me!) I've check and the workspace login matches my PBI login. Also logged out of both and back in again to make sure it wasn't that, also, my colleague is having the same problems and has done the same thing. The reports we're working on were the same that, yesterday, were publishing in a few minutes (let's say 3 minutes max for the most complex). I spoke to our IT guys and they haven't made any changes or noticed anything out of the ordinary and the changes we've made are little more than cosmetic so should not result in such a sharp increase in upload time. Please could you let us know if there is anything else we can do from our end to identify the cause?

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@v-yuezhe-msft problem was fixed after a few hours. However, it is happening again right now. Trying to publish a report but nothing happens... This is becoming a serious issue. Senior management is expecting a report today but I cannot provide due to this problem. 


Can you please help?


Edit: after some time of trying to publish, I got an error that I don't have permission to publish to this space. Next try worked.

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Any follow up on this ? Why does this keep happening from time to time ??? This is super annoying and blocking us on very important stuff.

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cannot publish desktop report.
I could have easily done the same report before.
After updating the latest version of windows I can no longer.

Please help.

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push! Same here