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Power BI failed to Load the main page after login

Today I cannot login to power bi page. It says


Something went wrong.
Please try again later.
Date and Time: 2019-12-05 03:46:45Z
ActivityId: 2fd49895-9edc-4e36-995e-d9de01ed9bbb
Status: New
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Experiencing the same issue in Norway, when using Google Chrome. 


Tried clearing cache without changes. 


Using Internet explorer works for some users, Edge for others

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It works again for me 😀

New Member

Yes, working again

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Was facing same issues in India,

Its working now!

Not sure what worked!

Raised a support ticket, cleared cache, browsing history and cookies and restarted the chrome.


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Same problem in Brazil today.

Community Support

Hi all, 


Please restart browsers then test again. If the issue still occurs, please share your Power BI tenant URL with us. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Произошла неизвестная ошибка
Произошла неизвестная ошибка. Повторите попытку. Если проблема не устранена, обратитесь в службу поддержки.
Повторите попытку позже или обратитесь в службу поддержки, указав следующие сведения.
URI кластера:
Идентификатор действия: 0a51a1cb-b9a5-42bf-a8e9-0f81820c54e4
Идентификатор запроса: 94e857b8-cb84-3b27-6eb4-cd5b159b09c3
Время: 2019-12-06 08:27:19Z

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Same problem here Houston, TX2020-02-05_13-01-47.png