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Power BI desktop Menus not working

I am a windows insider and after the latest update last week, my power BI desktop application's menus (File, Home etc etc) not fucntioning, I can add pages do analysis even save using short cut but Menus are not working. Please help

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Hi @osmandfernando,


Does the issue occur frequently? Would you please share detail steps to reproduce the issue? 


Please run 64 bit desktop as possible. When you launch the desktop, please run it as administrator then check if the same issue occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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I am exactly the same problem. I'm running PowerBI 64 bit and Windows Pro Insider Preview.

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Also facing this issue with Power BI Desktop as a Windows Pro Insider.

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@v-qiuyu-msftthis has started after the update. I tried after restarting the machine then it worked but after some time again started to not working, then re-started again then it worked then again stop start working. Then I did not restart again and just clicked on the Show ribbon option then it started working, but after sometime stop working...then when I click agian on that Show ribbon or that little drop down icon there,  menus starting to work.

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Dear @v-qiuyu-msft,


I too have this problem. From what I have experienced so far, this behavior is (sometimes) triggered by substituting an existing slicer with a different field (from a different table) (or even multiple times so).


e.g. I have a slicer with a date field from a sales table, but I drag another field from a different (purchase) table on top of the existing one, thereby overwriting the current slicer.


This behavior basically makes it impossible to click or change menu's in anyway possible.


I get around it by minimizing the Power BI Desktop to the taskbar and maximizing again. This restores the default behavior.




Advocate III

I have this issue about at least once per use. For example I just imported a table, did some simple mashing, and when I came back from Power Query, the menus completely stopped working. I can click on the side menu (Relationship, Data, Report), but the usual ones (Home/View/Modeling...) did not response.

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I also experience this issue quite frequently.

I have to close down Power BI desktop in order for the menus to start working again.


Seems to be a mix of actions that can cause this.

Just now it happened again when I was moving some measure to a separate table, but other actions can trigger it as well.

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@v-qiuyu-msft I have this same issue. Just updated to August edition to see if it would resolve it and it seems to happen more often. This time, minimizing the desktop to the toolbar and maximizing it, made the toolbar and menu responsive again, but other times, I've had to completely shut down the program and start over. This is terribly inconvenient and a waste of time. I haven't pinpointed the action that causes the freeze. It seems to be a number of different actions that can cause it.

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This issue seems to be more and more frequent


My observations:


  • Toolbar and menus are "dead" almost always when launching Power BI Desktop by double-clicking a pbix file
  • Minimizing and maximizing the Power BI Desktop window does - mostly - make the toolbar and menus come alive again

/Karl Erik Jessen

Copenhagen, Denmark