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Power BI Down?

We're getting an error while trying to log into the Power BI service:


Something went wrong. 
Please try again later.
Power BI was unable to read the application metadata. Please check the PowerBI service status in the below support page and try again later.
Date and Time: 2019-10-22 10:09:53Z
ActivityId: e5f00243-a225-47c3-9895-be9cae3b7d9f
Status: New
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The silence from Microsoft Support on this is deafening 😞


It looks to me that all the old style App Workspaces have just disappeared. Therefore any user trying to access a report etc created in one gets no data.  The reports etc in new style App Workspaces look to be working OK.


Very bizarre. Come on MS, get your fingers out, 100's of anygry users here!

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Still down, can't drink anymore coffee otherwise I'll be higher than the cloud, and it's too cold.


Thanks Microsoft.


:insert angry emoji here:

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Same issue here in Russia for 3-4 hours already Smiley Mad

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The suporte status shows that Americas is all right, but here in Brazil we are with the same issue. 

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Does anyone else think it's odd that the Status in the Admin Center for Power BI is still showing as 'Healthy' in spite of the status here



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Same from ITALY

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Receiving the same type of errors.


Something went wrong

Unable to check the permissions of the report at this time. Please try again later.

Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.

  • Activity ID8d9efc92-5d26-4418-84a5-757f97e64353
  • Request ID4b334310-fe97-4835-c4a6-4da1d620dd2c
  • Correlation IDc65d60fd-6c79-6fe7-8e95-8d6101459f81
  • TimeTue Oct 22 2019 13:49:55 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)
  • Service version13.0.11109.192
  • Client version1910.2.021
  • Cluster URI
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Minor issue compared to what others are experiencing, but sharing workspaces with other is down too.

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Hoorah! We have some light at end of the tunnel. Our reports are becoming accessible to users again. All workspaces seem to now show. Noticed by my American colleagues first, and now working for North Europe. Not heard anything from MS yet but hopefully a good sign!

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same in Sweden also.