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Power BI Desktop crash with Live connection

When working on a report 'connected live to the PBI dataset' everytime I hit refresh the desktop instance freezes and have to force close/open PBI. Is this a known bug?


On the May 2021 release and have noticed this for a while in previous releases. There are sometimes it works, but majority of the time not. 



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Helper V

So far on the March update I've not been able to reproduce the issue.  

I updated to 2.103.881.0 64-bit (March 2022) yesterday.  I've not seen a hang since updating to the previous March release ~ March 23. 


I'm don't think I can take it any further with support since I haven't been able to reproduce it. I'll be updating the agent I worked with tomorrow about the status.

Helper V

I spoke too soon.  I had a report connected to a live dataset and executed a refresh of the dataset.

I'd made no changes to the dataset, this was purely a manual refresh.  I waited until this was complete and then try to interact with the report again. 

The report is frozen now. 


I told support the 'good' news.  

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Still an issue on my side...

Regular Visitor

I'm feeling optimistic - For the last week, I have not experienced any hangs with my live connected desktop report.  It had been freezing after every 15 minutes of idleness.  Now, I have had reports open and idle for multiple days and they refresh with no problems.  I am thinking Microsoft must have fixed something in the latest update?? 


I'm using version 2.103.881.0 64-bit (March 2022)


Thank you to all who reached out to support for help and for keeping us updated in this conversation!

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Still have issues here in the USA.   Still freezing up...

Helper V

Support, on Friday, has essentially closed my case due to it being "intermittent" now.  I was unable to reproduce the error during a support call, after performing the same operation that had previously caused it to hang.  


I've never been able to produce "error information" to aid in the debug process so on one hand I get it, but still leaves me less than thrilled about the way it ended. 


At the recommendation of Support I created an idea to improve the error logging in the event Power BI hangs as it was for this issue. Please vote this up for "next time".

Frequent Visitor

Myself and many of my colleagues are having the same issue and have for the April and May updates.

New Member

Happens me multiple times.  It is pretty easy to recreate.

Step 1: Publish the Desktop PBI dataset to the cloud (workspace)

Step 2: Go into the other Desktop PBI file that is connected to that live dataset just published and click refresh

Step 3: Watch is hang


Now this happens only when:

1. BOTH PBI files are open

2. Usually when I try to refresh the PBI file with the live connection RIGHT AFTER the main dataset was published.

3. Only crashes on the SECOND time I try to refresh the live dataset PBI file.  

Advocate I

I have now completed some test runs, where three people connect to the same dataset for a full day.


I have had no issues what so ever - the problem seems to be fixed with the April release.

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This issue is absolutely not fixed with the April update or any other update.  


If I have any PBi desktop report open that is connected via Live Connection, within about 20 minutes (whether actively engaged with the report or not), it will hang and stop working...and cause me to have to close that report or any other PBi reports I may have open.