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Power BI Desktop Freezes when changing Data type

Desktop keeps freezing about every third or fourth time I change the Data type of a column.  It acts as if a modal dialog is up - but there isn't (or it's hidden).  The only solution is killing the Power BI Desktop task loosing any work since the last save.


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Turns out this isn't specific to changing Data type.  It just happened again by selecting an invalid Sort by column, then clicking OK to the dialog.  After clicking OK, froozen.

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I tried the latest version (2.87.923.0but cannot reproduce the issue. Try to recreate the report.

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@mhardy I am so happy that i am not the only fool with this issue...

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and again!

Creating a custom column:
Calculated duration between two events in DateTime (output in minutes)

Created a custom colum out of that value (durationminutes / 60)

Changed data type to TIME ... GAME-OVER