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New Power BI Desktop interface keeps freezing - HELP

Hello, since the new ribbon interface was rolled out, my Power BI Desktop Pro is completely unresponsive and keeps freezing. I cannot minimise, maximise, or move the window at all. The ribbon is completely unresponsive. Occassionally, it will randomly unfreeze, only to re-freeze. This is affecting all my reports. I cannot get any work done. This is an issue with PowerBI and not my system, I have the latest Core i7 with 32Gb of system memory on Windows 10. All my other apps are fine. It was working fine before the new interface was rolled out. Any help would be appreciated, particularly on how I can roll this back to the previous version.


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Same issue.  PBI intermittantly freezes. Process appears active but unable to resolve without killing prcess in task manager and reopening. 


Seems to only happen when not activley working on a file. 

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new release just posted (2.79.5768.721) - seems to fix the problem so far but haven't done much testing yet...


still has issue with 'Transform Data' window getting bigger and bigger on each minimize/restore

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Is everyone else's CPU maxing out at 95%-100% while this freeze occurs?  Thats what is happening to me.  If i wait long enough i do get it back, for a short time.

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Just gave the 2.79.5768.721 version a test run.  NOT Good, same issues. Looks like the resource consumption is within the mashup containers.    Going back to Feb 2020 edition for now to be productive.

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@Anonymous , @joel888 , thanks for your updates on the new edition. I'm giong to stick to the February version the March edition caused significant disruption. I've also reported this to Microsoft during a Pro support ticket.

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Me too - please fix as soon as possible.  Difficult to work quickly with this issue.


Running Windows 10 Pro V 1903  64-bit OS

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I'm running version 2.79.5768.663. I have the same issue where the GUI will become frozen randomly. Pressing the escape key makes the GUI responsive again.


I haven't found a reliable way to reproduce the issue. It appears randomly for me.

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Same here. It just stucks out of nowhere. Hope this can be fixed soon!

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I was having freezing issues. I had enabled the new ribbon feature. Now that I have disabled it my Power BI is no longer freezing. However I notice my fan is racing a lot now and I see in the Task Manager my CPU usage is hovering at 78%. Wonder if this is related to March update?

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I've been experiencing the same thing. Please fix asap.