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NestedJoin with FullOuter option seems to work strange with Table.SelectRows

I do NestedJoin with FullOuter option, using let's say ID field. There is no ID in right table which do not exists in the left table.
If I filter the result table by other field FOR NULL values, I start to see a row with all the nulls in the table. In other words, it seems like it would be a row in right table which contains ID which doesn't exists in the left table (but it's defenitely not the case). If I filter FOR NOT NULL the same column, null row doesn't appear.
If I change JUST the join to LeftOuter, the null row disappear, so the problem defenitely relates to using FullOuter.
There is a number of steps between the join and the filter steps.
For me it seems like an error. I do not have any idea how laziness may influence such a behavior.
The null row appeare regardless of existing of ID column at the moment of filtering.

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Hi @andreyminakov ,


Would you please provide some sample data to reproduce?



Yuliana Gu

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I placed the code in this topic -


I forgot that I made this topic.