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Message embebed report

Since yesterday we started to get a message in our embedded report of Power Bi the message says This is a free trial version. To remove this tag, a capacity must be purchased.
But we have always used it that way, we have a PRO account and with that emebebemos the reports, these only started to come out yesterday.




Status: Delivered

The post from MarkTeviotdale has clearly explained this issue.

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Good evening,

Any news on this issue?

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We're looking for a resolution on this as well. Any updates?

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Hi @v-cazheng-msft   we use a Master user to embed use Embed for your customers we have a pro account 




Any update about this issue?

or what is the next step

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We are facing the same issue, any updates ?

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Microsoft has gone and made 'having capacity' a requirement and basically not allowing you to run embedded reports from the pro or premium per user licence....


Analysis and Resolution: 
This is by design, our product team added this banner recently and documented for user reference
Move your Power BI embedded analytics application to production - Power BI | Microsoft Docs



Customers embedding a report using “App owns data” (“Embed for your customers”) may see a notification bar at the top of an embedded report with the text: “This is a free trial version, to remove this label a capacity must be purchased. Learn more”. 

If the report and/or its underlying datasets reside on a shared capacity workspace, this is expected and benign.

Symptoms (Cx experience):
An embedded report displays a notification banner at the top with the text “This is a free trial…” (see full text and screenshots above).



Does the report and all its underlying datasets reside on a dedicated capacity workspace?

If “no”, This is benign and by design.

The embedded report is using embed trial tokens for authentication. These tokens are for development and testing purposes, and should not be used for production. There’s a limited amount of trial tokens, once they run out, the user/service principle cannot generate any more, causing further embed attempts to fail. The notification’s purpose is to inform customers when they are using trial tokens, to avoid unknowingly using them in production and risking an outage once the tokens run out.

If customer sees the notification in a testing / development scenario, no further action is needed.

If customer sees the notification in production, they should move the report (and all its underlying data sources) to a dedicated capacity.

Useful links:

  1. Documentation: Move to Production  Contains details and instructions to move an embedded report from a shared to a dedicated capacity. Note: This is the target of the “Learn more” link in the notification bar.


  1. Documentation: Development Testing  Subtopic from the link above, discusses free trial tokens.


  1. REST API: Get available features  Use to see current percentage of used trial tokens (0 means all tokens are available, 100 means all of them were used up).

We sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience in this regards.

If you have any further queries please let us know we will be happy to assist you. Else please let us confirm can we go ahead and close the case from our end.

Disclaimer: Please DONOT expose/share any confidential information to the Engineer over the call/screen share which might result in data privacy breach.


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Status changed to: Delivered

The post from MarkTeviotdale has clearly explained this issue.

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Hi, we are facing the same things