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Matrix row height resizing unnecessarily

For some unknown reason, the row height on some of my matrices (matrix) keeps increasing to double what it should be.  I've checked all variables, and there's no need for the text to wrap.  When I click on any part of the matrix, it reformats back to the correct row height (which should be 1 row).  It seems to be reformatting as wrap text when I first log into service, although there is no reason for it to wrap text because there is plenty of space.  Anyone else experiencing this?  Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.



Status: Needs Info

Hi @jtDallas 

When did the issue happen ? Did you also update the latest version of Desktop to cause this problem? 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

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I am facing similar issue from yesteraday. Matrix rows compressed and font also chnaged.


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I had the same issue. 

It makes no sense but I "solved" the problem by checking auto-size column width... 🤔

=> go to the Formatting tab, expand Column Headers, and temporarily turn on “Auto-size column width”