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Maintain Layer Order not working in PBI Service

See here:


In neither reports with previously working 'maintain layer order' or new reports this feature seems to be working as expected. I can confirm this was working a week ago, but no longer does.


Can be reproduced by the following steps:

1. Create a new .pbix file

2. Create a rectangle in one color (blue)

3. Create a second object (can be anything - slicer, button, shape all tested) in a different color (red)

4. Send the first rectangle to back in case it isn't already (it should already be in back)

5. Select blue rectangle, tick 'Maintain Layer Order'

6. Upload to service

7. Click blue rectangle


Observed results: Blue rectangle covers up the red rectangle and layer order is not maintained

Expected results: When clicking the blue rectangle, layer order should be maintained and it should not cover up the red rectangle.

Status: Delivered
Regular Visitor

Yep, same issue here. Thought it was me for a bit, and tried troubleshooting. Thought perhaps the custom theme I used was messing this feature up... wasted time, apparently, as I tried from a brand new report created in the service without ever changing the from the default theme and results still show this feature isn't currently working.

Advocate III

Just noticed this issue as well.  Several reports I've made have "backdrops," and these can now be clicked and come to the front.  Wasn't like that before. 

Community Support



A similar issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned.

CRI 250358593

Resident Rockstar

We noticed the same think yesterday...

Helper II

same issue, have a dozen of reports with this feature, none of them are working.

Not applicable

@v-chuncz-msft   do we have any update on this issue?, we have many reports, where we have implemented this feature.

Frequent Visitor

How is this not fixed yet? 

User experience of one of the biggest reports in our organisation has dropped significantly because of this change. 

Community Support



We’ve identified the issue and fix will be deployed in next 2 - 3 weeks.

Advocate I

@v-chuncz-msftThis is great news, thank you for the update!

Not applicable

It never worked for me like you describe. You have to group objects together for this option to work. Check out Guy in the Cube channel for "Filter panel" or something like that, about a year or so ago - he describes it.