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Line chart bug when inserting markers

I've recently noticed that there is this strange thing happening while using line charts.


So I need to compare A to B with two lines, I drop them to the chart area using just one axis (secondary is off) and I immediately notice the red line is way too high.



After switching on and off the secondary axis, the situation changes a little, but 49 is way too high for where it is:




I need to insert markers though…


the start of the axis had disappeared and the numbers don't look correct.


Even if I make the axis start with 0, 58.39 is still too high for my taste 🙂


If I transform it to the line and clustered  column chart, all works just fine:



Does anyone have any clue on how to resolve it?




Status: New
Community Support



Use Secondary Y axis along with Secondary values field. Otherwise, add data fields to Values only.