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Line and clustered column chart scale sync issue on Service

Scale synchronization still works fine from Power BI Desktop.

Once published on Power BI Service, same chart displays columns on a secondary scale even if the option is not activate.

Issue is observed since April 22nd.

Status: New
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We are seeing this issue on our tenant as well - fine in Desktop.


I came across this old post - 

Removing my zeroed axis (same as mentioned in comment) worked for us as well however this is a major concern as we are often encouraging our authors to zero their axis.


Definitely want to hear more about whether there is a plan in place to fix this bug.

Community Support


I tested on my side but not able to reproduce the issue, Can you explain with some screenshots?

and it will be a great help that you could share a sample pbix file.




Regular Visitor

I have the same issue and it seems to only happen on graphs that at some point have a line value of 0, I've tried to set start and end to 0 for both axis and that did not help in my case.


I tried adding 0.01 to my measure and that seems to have worked. However, it does not quite feel right to skew my numbers just to make this work properly, although I will probably make due with that for now.

Advocate I

Hi, thanks very much for the workaround of switching back start values to 0, tested successfully.

This will allow proper rendering waiting for the issue to be fixed.

Here are the screenshots showing effect on a sample report.
Without issue, bars and line are on common scale:


With the issue, observed even when "Show secondary" option is not activated, observed when "Start" value is set at 0 instead of Auto:



Advocate I

In the end, on our original chart in prod, which displays 2 column series and 7 line series, the workaround does not work.

It seems we randomly get the issue back when the number of metrics in the chart increases.

So eagerly waiting for a fix from MS of this regression on the service.

Frequent Visitor

Note that the work around in my earlier comment is to remove the axis being set at zero - i.e. leaving it to auto set itself (definitely not an ideal situation)

Community Support




could you please share your sample pbix file for us have a test?

and also try to use latest version power bi desktop to have a test.





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sorry to highjack this post, but we are having a very similar issue. 


The Y axis when set to auto is stopping far too low and cutting off most of my data. This doesn't happen in the Desktop version, only when published. 

Power BI service: 



Same chart in Power BI Desktop:



I've tried setting the Y axis to start and zero and tried leaving it auto. The only way I can make it show the full data is to add a secondary axis, but this is not the requirement. Please advise if this is a bug and will be fixed. I am getting a lot of questions!

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Same issue here. It is working fine in desktop with services scale is not working.

When setting the start of the y-axis to auto fixes the problem for now.


Online version (y-axis start: 0 end: auto):


Desktop version (y-axis start:0 end: auto):



When setting y-axis to auto/auto both online and desktop work:


Advocate II

I have the same issue since April 2021 update.

I use Zoom sliders instead.


On the Power BI Service, it does not display correctly using the Zoom Slider (Since the update but used to be fine prior to the update).



If I turn off the zoom slider it seems to display correctly.



If I download the exact same file from the Power BI service and open it in Power BI Desktop, it displays as expected with the current setup.


Another Fix (For me - Considering I have used the zoom slider) is if I resize the Line and clustered column visual and make it vertically smaller - The visual displays correctly.


Does this help?

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