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Large Data Set causing timeout error on services despite having premium

Hi All,



I am working on a large dataset in which one fact table is having 1Billion rows. The size of data model was 750MB earlier and now after applying some performance optimization for better compression, I reduced the size of model to 216 MB. It is taking 2 hours 20 min to refresh successfully in desktop but on services it is producing timeout error after 2 hours as shown.

We are using P1 Premium capacity and I think in P1 premium refresh time limit is more than 2 hours and I think its around 4 hours.


Can you help me finding the reason for this and with a probable solution?



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Hi @Anonymous,


Yes, the time out of Premium is larger than 2 hours. Please refer to /power-bi/service-premium-large-datasets. Since you have the Pro license, I would suggest you create a support ticket here.

create ATicket


Best Regards,


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Hi Dale,


Thanka for your reply. I will be raising the ticket to Microsoft for this. Can you help me with few of my queries:

1. What is the data refresh maximum limit for P1 Premium capacity. It is not clear from Microsoft documents. I could see 4 hours and somewhere I have seen 5 hours also.

2. Is there any way through which I can increase timeout limit for reports getting published on services. In desktop we can do that but in my case desktop is not producing any timeout error on refresh. It is completing fine.