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June 2019 Update - Cannot Filter Null Dates

Prior to the June 2019 update, I was able to filter out null date values using the filter. However, that is no longer working. Has anyone else encountered this? Null is a valid value for this date column.

I have tested this in Power BI without the June 2019 update and it works as expected - that is, I can replace the null value or filter the table.

The below pictures show the columns. As shows, the null value is present. 

Even if I try to do a replace, it doesn't replace the value = Table.ReplaceValue(#"Added Conditional Column",null,#date(1999, 1, 1),Replacer.ReplaceValue,{"resolution_dt"})




I have confirmed that in the June update that you can still filter out the null values on a text field.


Is there a link to download the May 2019 version so I can keep developing until this is fixed? I have confirmed in another PBIX on a machine which did not update that this functionality works.

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Power BI Team

I would guess that there will be a new version of Desktop in ~2 days but that fixes will take 7-10 days to get into the service. I'm not directly involved with shipping either, though, and therefore can't speak authoritatively on the topic.


If you edit the queries to contain "type nullable X" instead of "type X", the queries should work the same way both before and after the rollback.

Resolver II

@curth ,

Thank you @curth !

You were very helpful.

Memorable Member

This appears resolved by a Power BI Desktop and web service update, ref:


Please dont take my word for it - retest your files and post your results here.


I dont have an instance of this issue running through a gateway - it would be interesting to hear any results for that scenario.

Super User

@curth - This is also broken in Power Query in the Insider builds of Microsoft Excel for the July build (1907) and the Monthly Targeted build (1906). Please ensure the rollback happens on that platform as well!

Power BI Team

As you might imagine, fixes to Excel take quite a bit longer to push through. I don't know when you can expect it.

Resolver II


Indeed, now (my Power BI Desktop version is: 2.70.5494.761 64-bit (June 2019)) I can't reproduce the issue I complained about recently, which means @curth  was accurate saying "I would guess that there will be a new version of Desktop in ~2 days but that fixes will take 7-10 days to get into the service"


For myself I decided not to wait till the issue will be resolved but rather heed @curth 's advice. So wherever it makes sense I specified types as "nullable". Curth's explanations make me believe that sooner or later in one way or another we'll end up using "nullable" in a type declaration.

Super User

I understand @curth . 

However, it didn't take them too long to get the change rolled into the Monthly Targeted release, as it is there in 1906. Hoping they can push it through and not wait until 1907 is released in a few weeks.

Insider builds come out weekly. I just got 1907 build 11815.20002 for insiders about 30min ago and it still has the bug. 😕

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Thank you for your detailed explanation.


Any updates when this issue will be resolved for Power BI Data flows? And if not, should I post it as a new issue for Data flows specifically?


It works again in both Power BI Desktop (2.70.5494.761 64-bit) and Power BI Service On Demand Refresh (July 8).

Super User

FWI - I'm still seeing a weird issue with filtering on null values in a text column. I just posted about it here, vs doing it in this thread as it isn't quite the same issue, but possibly related. The desktop works fine, but now it is the service not working correctly.