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Issue with Custom Hierarchy slicer

I am using the custom visual Hierarchy Slicer. I noticed that it works ok upto 4 levels of hierarchy. But when I drag in the fifth level of heirarchy, it messes up everything. It takes away some of the Level 1 Items. 


I tried pulling in Level 5 first onto the slicer and then Level 1,2,3,4 above it, it again messes up the levels. Shows some Level 2 and 3 under Wrong Level 1. 


Very problematic!

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Usually when there are items appearing below the wrong parents it can be solved by explicit sorting the fields manually. You can find the sorting options in the 'context' menu of the visual, the three little dots on the right top of the visual. -JP
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Thanks jppp,


This somewhat solves the problem, in that, still if I go on adding fields from Level 1 to Level 5 onto the slicer (in that order), After I drop in level 5 on slicer, some of Level 1 Items just disappear.


So I still have to add fields starting with Level 5 first and then adding L1,L2,L3,L4 above it. Then the top level items don't disappear (they are reordered and shown in a weird order.)  But, as I mentioned, it  messes up the heirarchy (shows wrong levels under wrong top levels) This problems can be solved by what "jppp" recommended. I sorted the slicer by Level 1 and things seem ok now. 


Still not a great way to go about solving the real issue at hand!

Could it be that when you add Level 5 to the slicer the total amount of items is greater than 4.000? And do you see a little exclamation mark in the top left of the visual? Namely the slicer is limited to maximum of 4.000 items and additional items are not shown in the visual. I have plans to stretch the limit, but do not have any timeline for it when that will be released. Thanks, JP

Hi @jppp,


Thank you for your response and the wonderful visual. 


Hi @manjirit,


Since this visual isn't published by MS, I can only help you to use it.  


Best Regards,




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 Thanks jppp! 


Yes, thats the issue. I see the 'little exclamation mark' on the top left with too many values message. That explains. 


 I have plans to stretch the limit >> That would be awesome! This is a great and very useful control.