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Issue regarding loading comments on report page with hidden visuals

Hi all,


we have a report which contains hidden visuals on the first page by default (we're using bookmarks and the Selection Pane to hide/show these visuals). After the report is being opened, comments are not loading on this first page with the hidden visuals - only the loading animation can be seen in the Comments Pane.

Although there are some cases when the comments start to load:

1.  Just after make all hidden visuals visible on the first page (with using the bookmarks) the comments start to load immediately.

2. After navigating to another page which contains no hidden visuals comments are loading again.


Looking at the ongoing requests I suppose that comments should be fetched once when the report is loaded via /metadata/annotations/Report/{Report ID}/conversationGroups API call. In our case, this request is sent immediately after all hidden visuals are displayed on the first page or navigating to another page without hidden visuals, but not at report load.

Can you please look into this and confirm if it's a bug or otherwise explain this kind of behavior?


Thanks in advance,


Status: New
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous, 


I tested on my side but not able to reproduce the issue. Please check if I miss any steps. 



Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu