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Issue: Power BI Dashboards using PushStreaming Option Not Automatically Refreshing

  • Power BI Dashboards using PushStreaming Datasets are not refreshing automatically
When Did It Start:
  • The first report was at 3:15p EST on Friday, May 29th
How Does It Manifest:
  • Create a Power BI Dataset using the REST API or Azure Stream Analytics, using the "PushStreaming" dataset type and FIFO as the Default Retention Method
  • Push New Rows via the REST API or Azure Stream Analytics to the newly created dataset
  • Create a Report consisting of Table, Card and other Visuals and pin those Visuals to a Dashboard
  • The Power BI Dashboard will not refresh unless you click the "Refresh" button on the Dashboard, even though you can see the data changing in the Dataset and in the source report
Customers Impacted (Production):
  • I have been able to validate that this issue occurs for multiple customers
  • Occurs for customer using either the REST API or Azure Stream Analytics 
Status: New
Community Support



You may keep an eye on the Awareness and create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.


Regular Visitor

I have the same issue, the Dashboard will not refresh automatically using PushStreaming Datasets. It was working in February and March 2020. Looking forward to having it resolved.

New Member

Yep, same issue.

Was still working last week.

Not applicable

Based on the update last night on the Power BI Support page, the fix for this should be rolled out by EOD 6/9.

Power BI customers using Push Data service may see linked visuals not refresh automatically. Engineers are working on a fix and expect it to be deployed by end-of-day 06/09/2020.



Not applicable

The issue should be resolved within Power BI with the updates performed last night.  I have been able to validate that the fix worked.



Regular Visitor

It's working again, thank you for the quick update!

Helper III

This is not fixed for GCC tenants. 

Not applicable

I still have this issue too.