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Hidden Tables Showing in App Workspace When Set to Hidden in Desk

I have an issue where hidden tables from PowerBI Desktop are showing visible in the app workspace that they were published to. It was my assumption that if you hide them in your desktop file that the hidden classification should hold through to the app workspace. Is this not the case?

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Would you like to share some screenshots about the detail of your issue and post a download link of the pbix file with this issue without the sensitive data if it’s possible?

I also suggest you to update to the latest version of the Power BI desktop and check if this problem can disappear.


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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I have the exact same issue. Just started to be an issue within 24h. Before that it worked perfectly


Updating to the newest version of Power BI Desktop didn't fix the issue

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I am having same excat issue. In my case, both hidden fields and tables are visible in workspace but in desk thos are hiddden,
In Desktop :


In Workspace :




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Hi, Even I am facing the same issue.

All hidden fields and tables in PBI Desktop are now visible on PBI services workspace.

This is some recent change, pls fix it ASAP.


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As of Yesterday, we started seeing fields that were hidden, however we also now have .UniqueName after all of our fields and when the user puts the value into the report via PowerBI, they get the MDX query of the value, not just the value as they previously did. They are still hidden as expected in Power BI Desktop.


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I am not sure if I found the same but hidden fields seem to be available for reporting in the PBI Services report writer but hidden in the desktop version. This is creating confusion as it looks if there are 2 different versions of the same dataset. 


I also posted it here: Re: Fields hidden in the dataset are visible throu... - Microsoft Power BI Community

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We are seeing the same issue across multiple tenants, on all data sets. 

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This has to be resolved asap.  The service is essentially showing all fields & table, and ignoring anything set to hidden.  This is affecting a large number of reports across our tenant and ruining the user experience

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yep, seeing the same thing here... how the hell this gets past QA is astonishing, but things happen... luckily i name all of my hidden tables with a "weird naming convention" so the business knows just to overlook those temporarily... but this needs to be solved ASAP

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Same here..........if not fixed ASAP I have to figure some things out quickly!