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Formatting Issue Titles / White Borders in Service



As per this community discussion, a change to the borders around titles in some visualisations has caused multiple problems across the Service and Mobile versions. This does not occur on Power BI desktop.



Status: Delivered
Advocate III

@v-robertq-msft  As others have stated, this is definitely not that reported issue.


Hopefully this can be worked out ASAP, this has completely thrown off my 25+ reports!

Not applicable

Microsoft Power BI team - Can you please provide an ETA on resolving the reported issue? Since, I (Probably Others) need to provide an update to senior leadership.

Advocate I

No word from MS support on this, this is completly unaccepatable. it's been more than a day and no statment or resolution provided. We have all our reports broken and we keep getting escalations from people who can't do their job because of this. 

Advocate I

@v-robertq-msft  This is completly different issue, please read the problem and all replies carefully as we need an answer from MS regarding this ASAP. This is related to padding in titles, and have nothing to do with slicers. 

Not applicable

MS what is going on!!!!

This is unaccepable from such a big corporation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Revert the mess you've made asap!!!!!

New Member

My organization is facing the same issue, our 20+ reports used by customers are now pretty much unusable as a result of this change. Microsoft please revert back the changes made.

Helper II

Please assist. We need to remove the padding to titles. Reports are illegible. Changes like this should be communicated prior to being released. 

Regular Visitor

We also facing same issue's, It effect our daily report's.



New Member

Facing the same issue and it is impacting our operationsa at very large scale. Kindly have all the changes reverted

Regular Visitor

As part of operations facing the issue and it is impacting our daily operations work at very large scale. Kindly have all the changes reverted.