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Filtering rows failure: CosmosDB connector

We have a PowerBI report where we get data from CosmosDB using CosmosDB connector(Beta). These PBI reports were working since 6 months and started failing recently. On further troubleshooting we saw the exception at FilterRows step. Here is the error message:


DataSource.Error: Syntax error, invalid token '$'.


If we start a new PBI report and connect to the same source and filter rows, it still fails. There is no bad data issue as well. We are confused on why this would happen and looking for any solutions/help.

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Community Support

Hi @sidkasat


Does the issue only happen when you do FilterRows step in Query Editor? 

Please update the Power BI desktop to the latest version then test again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi all,

i'm having the same issue. 

I'm using Cosmos DB Connector (not beta anymore as it seems)  and powerBi Desktop Version: 2.72.5556.801 64-bit


As sidkasat was mentioning, I can expand different elements of the entries and all will work well.
As soon as I try to filter the data of an expanded column, I receive exactly the same error 

DataSource.Error: Syntax error, invalid token '$'.

Anyone has an idea why is happening? Some issue with the connector?



@Anonymous Yes I was able to solve this.

What data type column are you filtering on? If it's a string column, make sure you convert your data type on the header to Text and then apply to filler.

This was my case where I was filtering on a column with names but the data type was any. So you'll have to make it Text.


Let me know if that works for you!

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@sidkasat  Many thanks for the quick reply. 
Confirmed, the issue was with the data type (Any instead of Text)

Now it works as expected 


Thanks again