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Failed to load data source




 I used to run all power bi report including connecting odbc(redshift) & rscript, but staring from yesterda, all power bi report have lost the connectivity.


In gateway connection, gateway even is not shown




when I check onpremise data gateway status is online all.  Please advise me on how to fix this..




Status: Delivered

This issue has been fixed

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @jisuk_kate ,


We have reproduced your issue and have submitted to internal icm 324026947 , engineers are doing their best to fix this issue . please be patient and I will give you feedback here once there is any progress.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

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Getting the exact same issue.  Support ticket in as well.  2208010040006909

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Same problem here, since monday 01-08-2022
Personal gateway running Python scripts

Also '<Gateway connection' loading endlessly


Credentials valid and gateway is confirmed online.

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I've exactly the same problem. Please, check the below screenshot.




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Same problem here since today morning. I tried all possible ways but nothing worked. Please let us know if anyone finds a solution to this.

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I'll post as I get any updates from MS.  I would suggest however that if more folks put in actual support tickets, it may get a higher priority for all of us.




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As Community Support team stated, engineer are doing their best to fix the issue, so I'm not sure if flooding them with tickets is going to be any help

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Just spoke to the MS Engineer.  Since this has been getting more traction (outside as well as this thread) the issue is now with the product specialists and is being actively worked.  Anyone with this issue will be added to the overall internal ticket to allow for updates. (but you'll need to actually create said ticket)  No ETA unfortunately but, hopefully it won't be too long.



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Just an update from MS...


"Power BI customers using using the Power BI Service to upload or update a dataset that contains an on-prem custom connector, *and* you have a personal gateway installed, the dataset settings page does not load may see the error message, "Something went wrong ..Failed to load data sources". Engineers have identified the root cause and a fix is expected to be deployed in 8.1 train."


Waiting on a possible ETA now on when the train will be deployed.

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Final Update

It looks to be working for me.  I'm not sure if it's a test deployment or full, but it's working now for me.


Cheers all!