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Extremely slow performance showing a tooltip, even though the DAX query is fast

I set up a file which plays with different calculation groups, and in the final result, when 4 diferent calculation groups are in place the tooltip takes between 30s and a whole minute to display wihout cache. Performance analyzer pots almost all time spent as "others", but the tooltip is the only visual refreshing at a time, so it's not exactly clear what is going on and why I am submitting it here as an issue. 


here's the article. The issue is shown towards the end

This is the pbix file based on contoso dataset



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I was playing with it and I made 2 (weird) findings:

1) The removefilters calc group is unnecessary (!) same results without it.

2) The culprit of the delay is the Lablels calc group. Without it the tooltip shows in like 146 ms.


However, the "time calculation" calc item from the remove filters calculation group also removes filters from the lables calc group so it is really really weird

Community Support

Hi @AgulloBernat ,

As far as I know, the definition of 'Other' that you can refer:

  • Other - time required by the visual for preparing queries, waiting for other visuals to complete, or performing other background processing.
  • Other: this is the time spent waiting for other operations to complete. This is typically synchronization time between different visuals in the same page and should not be considered as a bottleneck of the visual being analyzed. It is usually waiting time caused by other pending operations performed by other visuals.
  • The data under Other is quite interesting because it can be a variety of things. It can be the time required to perform or prepare the underlying queries that go into the matrix. It could also be the time it takes to wait for other queries to update within the page. All in all, it’s just about the general background processing.


In this case, seems like still the calculation of measure in calculation group affect the performance, you can try to optimize it.


In addition, here is the difference between Removefilters() and All() functions in DAX that you could also refer:

What is ALL() Vs REMOVEFILTERS() DAX Functions in Power BI? 


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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Hello Yingjie, 

As I am using removefilters as a calculate modifier, there is no difference between REMOVEFILTERS and ALL. I do not understand why being such a quick DAX query it is so slow to build the tooltip


I tried going in the export file of the performance analyzer, but to clear culprit was found.