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Error on datafield while overiding a report

I am developping a report that has already been deployed within my organisation. I just do my developments in the destock app, while the users have access to the published version through Microsoft Teams. When I'm ready to deploy a new version, I just publish it to the same workspace, with the same name as the already published version, and it will just override it.

I noticed that when I change the name of a data field in the destock app, and then publish the report using this scheme, every visuel impacted by this data field won't show and I get an error message (exactly as if I had deleted the data field). To fix this issue, I have to first delete the published report, then publish the newer version, instead of just publishing the newer version and overriding the old version, which also means that I have to build my gateways and deploy on Teams again.

I know this isn't a very big deal, but I think it's important that it gets fixed.

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I tried the latest version but cannot reproduce the issue. You may also create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.