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In M, if you adjust the Documentation.FieldDescription and use Value.ReplaceType to apply it, it will be ignored.

Other attributes like Documentation.FieldCaption or Documentation.AllowedValues work fine and will be shown, but the FieldDescription will be ignored.


Please see this function for example: 

The command in row 50 will be ignored.

Status: Accepted
Microsoft Employee

Hi @ImkeF,


I have reported this issue to the Product Team: CRI 57093898.


Best Regards,


Impactful Individual
Status changed to: Accepted
New Member

Hi @ImkeF,


The difference in how Documentation.FieldDescription is processed is due to how we serialize metadata. It is dropped in order to prevent performance issues due to certain sources populating large values for this particular piece of metadata. Even though it appears to be inconsistent with other attributes, this is currently by design. I'm sorry we don't have a fix for you at this time.




Regular Visitor

If Microsoft is not going to support Documentation.FieldDescription then please change the issue to rejected instead of accepted.    Also please change the documentation for  Documentation.FieldDescription and indicate it is not supported.     I, and others, are writing M language and setting FieldDescription only to later find out it doesnt work and has been an open and accepted issue by Microsoft for 1.5+ years.



New Member

Actually, The Document.FieldDescription works if you don't add meta data to the function type itself, which for me makes no sense at all.


@ImkeF , in your example, just delete the "meta documentation_" from line 48 and you will get the description for your field, but loose the metadata for the function...