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Different results between PowerBI Desktop report and Published report

I have a report which uses an live connection to an onpremise SSAS instance and cube.


When viewing/designing the report in PowerBI Desktop, all measures return correct values and totals.


When I publish the exact same report, the measure is divided by 10000 and incorrectly totals.  


There is nothing special about the measure, no calculations, no custom aggreations.   I have even reinstalled the on-premise gateway a number of times, but I still get the incorrect results in the published version of the report.


I have even attempted to create the report online, rather than use PowerBI Desktop, and I get the incorrect result. 


Any troubleshooting hints, or advice would be appreciated.   Different results in a live connection are concerning.

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I can confirm that just querying the measure through PowerBI Desktop and PowerBI Online yields different results.


I've event deployed a new SSAS database and the same measure is different when queried via both methods.





I just tried to get data from my SSAS but cannot repro the issue as you described. Are the values in Desktop and Service have the same unit?

If issue still persists, I suggest you to create support ticket at (see bottom of page) since it may be account or machine specific.


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Thanks Herbert.


Unfortunately I am still getting the error, so I will have to raise a service desk ticket as you suggested. 




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Hi Braggilicious,

Did you eventually sove the issue?

Can you share what you did?

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Hi there,


well the quick fix of this problem is to make bookmarks of the page and then publish the report.

Note - if the reports already has some bookmarks. Don't update them, just make a new bookmark without deleteing the previous one.


Hope this will help