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Desktop ribbon becomes unresponsive

I've been getting issues for a while now where the ribbon in desktop will become unresponsive. The only buttons that work are those in the quick access toolbar.


This has happened on several versions that have been released. Currently on 2.57.5068.501 64-bit (April 2018).


Doesn't seem to be any consistency in how it happens. Best guess is when Query Editor is closed or possibly when a refresh is done.


Perhaps the UI is not being renabled properly when the refresh dialogue box is closed.

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Helper I

I've been seeing this same issue. Not major but annoying. I've found that minimizing the Power BI window and then opening it back up seems to restore functionality.

Community Support

Hi @Veles@mikegunns,


It would be better if you could share detail information for us to reproduce the issue. 


Does this issue occur frequently? 

Which operation is possible to cause this issue? I have tested with refresh and close Query Editor, not reproduce the issue. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Advocate V

There seems to be no consistency with how it happens. I've just had it happen again after I hit save on the quick access toolbar.

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this happens to me as well since Windows Insider Update and the May 2018 Release of PowerBI Desktop




Ribbon is completely unresponsive.

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Same problem here.

Any idea how to solve the problem?





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I have this issue too.  Windows 7 Enterprise.  Just got the October 2018 release and the issue still exists.

I've found it only resolves for me if I open a new PBI instance.  Once a new instance is opened the rest have their ribbon unlocked.
Any chance that anyone else with this issue is using a remote desktop?  That's the only way I use PBI.

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I also have experienced this problem, it might be related to large/complex datasets, maybe a consequence of datasets consuming all available memory? It does eventually become responsive in my experience but can take several minutes.

Advocate I

I've also been having this happen with the December version of Power BI Desktop.  It seems to happen after saving using the quicklaunch bar and my data set is fairly large.    It eventually becomes responsive after about 5 minutes.


I wonder if might be the save is taking longer than the hour glass indicates and its actually still busy saving but the hourglass has already returned to an Arrow.



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This happens on a regular basis for me, also (probably every day I've used Power BI Desktop this year). Every time that I can remember this happening, it's after having saved my workbook. Minimizing and restoring does fix the issue, but it is a major pain


December 2018

Product Version:
2.65.5313.1381 (18.12) (x64)

OS Version:
Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.14393.0 (x64 en-US)

CLR Version:
4.6.2 or later [Release Number = 394802]
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I am experiencing with the same issue in the February update.


Version: 2.66.5376.2521 64-bit (February, 2019)


Resizing the window does solve the issue with the bug.