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Datasets says refreshed in service, but data is not refreshed

Hi All,


I found a similiar issue,, and tried to find any tables set to mixed mode or query in my datasets but they are all import. 


I have multiple datasets connected to my database in import mode with powerbi pro. Recently as of about 7/2/2020, they report refreshed in the gateway, but the data is still old and not updated. 


Database - CWDB

Connectivity - import

Powerbi pro

Storage - saved to onedrive


If I do a manual refresh within the desktop file it updates correctly. I've noticed that some of my files have scheduled refresh cache and some do not, but I cannot find any that have live query or mixed mode. 


Any ideas on what else I can check or is there any additional information I can look at to help determine the root cause of this issue?


Screenshot from model mode where I am checking storage mode:



Screenshot from powerbi service dataset settings





Seth Calkins

Status: New
Advocate II

I am having the same problem with Scheduled cache refresh, this is a terrible issue for my company to be having at the end of the month.

Community Support

@Anonymous ,


Schedule cache refresh is different with tile refresh of the dashboard. To check if the data is refreshed, you can refresh the report manually on power bi service and check if data changed.


Jimmy Tao

Advocate II

My report is a direct query, I have also used SQL profiler to ensure that the data being queried is correct, but without any filters, on my data, it is being displayed incorrectly for one set of data.  There is no RLS on this dataset.