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Ever since about 6am Eastern today, my dataflow refreshes have been  just spinning - no errors, just spinning like it's trying to load the data.

Status: Accepted

Existing ICM for similar issue(ICM 297756751). It should be a new known issue that dataflow refresh taking long times that usual to complete. Employee engages this issue as well.

Advocate II

We're also facing these issues, and the timeline for this fix seems unacceptable to be honest.

@tnwcloud We've been changing our Premium Capacity assigned workspaces between PPU and Premium Capacity to get them to work again. All the Premium functionality that we use have continued working, but we have also assigned PPU licenses to everyone who uses these reports. A rapid change back to Premium Capacity might help, but it's mind blowing that we have to resort to this.

The issue will likely come back, so it doesn't provide any permanent fix while waiting for June 30th. We just moved a workspace from Premium Capacity to PPU, and it ran fine for 3-4 days and then the issue returned and we had to move from PPU back to Premium Capacity. I'm just waiting for the issue to return and having to go through the motions again.