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Dataflows - failing to find Sharepoint files

I have successfully being using dataflows to retrieve excel files stored in Sharepoint for several months now.

Last week, I ran into repeated failures but when I try to edit the dataflows I get the following screen - the dataflow cannot see the file stored in sharepoint.

If I take the same code and run it in power bi desktop it can find the file succesfully.

This issue is making my project's code unsupportable as it cannot be edited - the evaluation step fails for any changes.

dataflow issue.png

Status: New
Helper I

@leed i took a microsoft support person through the issue yesterday. He didnt know on the phone but is going to get back to me. He took some trace analytics to talk with engineers. Will let you know the outcome

Microsoft Employee

Hello all, 

we have identied the issue. The fix will be deployed to prod starting next week. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 





Advocate I

Thanks @prashant and @jeremyking77 for working through this issue. I used the Sharepoint.Contents workaround as typically all the files I a require are in the same folder.