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Dataflow refresh very slow

yesterday and today im experience Dataflow refresh very slow, it takes already a couple of minutes, normaly it takes a ferw secounds. is there any outage today ??




loading the table in Dataflow is also very slow, it takes 1,5 minutes 


Status: Investigating

Hi  all,


Please check whether the data amount refreshed quite large so it caused the long time refresh. If your model is very simple, please try to refresh your dataflow with on-demand refresh to see whether you will have same issue or whether this issue is happening at a relative fixed time.

If your dataflow refresh issue is not caused the above reasons and you are a Pro user, please consider getting direct help from the technical team of Microsoft by support ticket. They will have a remote session with you to troubleshoot on this issue.

For how to create a support ticket, please refer to this blog:

Power BI Support:


It couldn't be better if any of you post the root cause and solution of such issue here once you get them from technical team to help others who may encounter similar issue. Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

New Member

Hello, I experience same issue since this morning. The flows are loading endlessly with no result.

Even a cancellation of the flow is not helping- it also gets stuck.

Regular Visitor

Hey, when you using dataflows, a lot of transformations because using shared capacity it is sharing the memory and CPU. Whilst when you do this on desktop you got dedicated CPU and memory. If there is no issue with it taking longer to refresh I would then leave it as is, yes it is taking longer but there is no impact to the reports.

By the way If you are facing more issues in Power BI, You can reach us -

New Member

In my case, it's not a long load. It's stuck at loading. The refresh has no end. Tested from different accounts

Regular Visitor

Hi contact Dynamics Square:  for UK  for USa

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Same problem with degraded performance here since this morning. Trying to author a new dataflow and filtering the sharepoint folder now takes 11 minutes and still counting...

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In the Netherlands we experience the same problem, all dataflows have timed out after a two hour run. Has nothing to do with memory or CPU, since yesterday everything ran smoothly and today all of a sudden not so much. 

Resolver I

Same problem in France since this morning (Re: PBI SERVICE: Dataflow refresh very slow and im... - Microsoft Power BI Community

Any news about that issue? 



Helper IV

Seeing the same thing in the US (Midwest).  Even loading tables with less than a 100 rows from a database is now taking up to 5 minutes to render in a Dataflow.  I've been seeing the same service degradation all morning. 

Frequent Visitor

Same in North Europe. And no respose from MS. 

Advocate II

Struggling with the same issue for a few days/weeks now... Today, it is specially slow ...

Refreshes of existing dataflows (premium capacity) going smooth but the editing experience to create/change existing dataflows is becoming IMPOSSIBLE....