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DataSource.Error: Invalid query locator details@ [List]

salesforce api issue.PNG


Having this issue, come out of the blue. Everything was woking, not touched anything and this occured? I'm using the salesforce API connector, I imagine its an api error? The data visualtions on the front end still work but i cant access any of the backend power query steps .

Status: New
Helper V

Hi, were you able to find a solution? I've used the Salesforce connector but I had some issues with the connector too. As a workaround, maybe you can try to test your connection with a 3rd party connector. I've tried, supermetrics and I stayed with windsor because it is much cheaper so just to let you know other options. In case you wonder, to make the connection first search for the Salesforce connector in the data sources list:




After that, just grant access to your Salesforce account using your credentials, then on preview and destination page you will see a preview of your Salesforce fields:




There just select the fields you need. It is also compatible with custom fields and custom objects, so you'll be able to export them through windsor.  Finally, just select PBI as your data destination and finally just copy and paste the url on PBI --> Get Data --> Web --> Paste the url.