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Data Refresh issue



I'm having  an issue with my dataset; the refreshing progress keeps running for over 1h, (see status below).


I've tried below methods to stop it but none of these worked;

+ Restarted the data gateway.

+ Manually clicked refresh button in dataset panel.


Does anyone have ideas about this issue ?




Details Type Start End Status Message

 Scheduled4/17/2020, 2:31:21 PM In progress 
 On demand4/17/2020, 2:12:07 PM4/17/2020, 2:19:00 PMCompleted 
 On demand4/17/2020, 10:57:37 AM4/17/2020, 11:00:32 AMCompleted 
 On demand4/17/2020, 10:50:27 AM4/17/2020, 10:53:38 AMCompleted 
 Scheduled4/17/2020, 9:32:17 AM4/17/2020, 9:48:18 AMCompleted 
 Scheduled4/17/2020, 7:31:30 AM4/17/2020, 7:46:09 AMCompleted 
 Scheduled4/17/2020, 1:01:11 AM4/17/2020, 1:18:51 AMCompleted 
 Scheduled4/16/2020, 6:31:14 PM4/16/2020, 6:47:41 PMCompleted
Status: New
Community Support

Hi @cong_nguyen_acc


Was the dataset refresh finished finally? Was the dataset stored in a shared capacity or premium capacity assigned workspace? 


Please check if there are many datasets are refreshed at the same period, and many reports view activities occur which might cause capacity memory. 


You can take a look at this this document:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu