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Data Load Failures and Reports Spinning

Ever since about 6am Eastern today, my dataset refreshes have been failing and the reports are just spinning - no errors, just spinning like it's trying to load the data.

Status: Accepted


There is a Service Outage/Degradation mentioned on the support page of the Power BI, so stay tuned:



I will update here once I get any information.


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

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Reports load, but data loads/refreshes still fail.  So reports are on stale data.  I believe publishing is also having issues (likely due to the data loads required when publishing).

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We still are unable to refresh data sets . Any update on this fix.  They have updated the outage on the status page as green, but I am not experiencing any fixes.  

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@ncollins1976 - The issue with data refreshes is still open.  No update since yesterday around noon.




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@Macros Would you mind sharing the link to the screen shot you just sent? I'd like to vote it up that I'm having the same issue (saw the link in the bottom of the image you posted).

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@tiffa402 It's from the Office 365 admin console Health Tab.  Here's the direct link:



Helper V

@Macros For what it's worth, that alert isn't visible to me (wasn't yesterday either) and when I click on the URL you provided I received an error 


Something went wrong
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So far this morning my data all looks like it refreshed overnight. Looks like they began refreshing ~ 23:30 (Central US time).  My reports are rendering in line with what I would expect them to be. 
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@jnickell - I'm envious of you! lol


All our reports are on the impacted clusters:


You must be on a good cluster.  That must be why the incident is showing for my tenant and not yours.

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Our data still does not refresh.

Are others still exeriencing the issue?

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I think i spoke to soon.  Seems to be working now all of the sudden.

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Same issue here, from Brazil South.   Frequently receive message "Resources Exceeded" on many Visuals!