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Data Labels - Customize Series setting not working for column/line chart in Service

I have a stacked column/line chart and I want to display the data labels for the column but not the line.  I have been using the 'Customize Series' feature under 'Data Labels' for several months to display one label and not the other and it has been working well.  In the last few days, it stopped working in the PBI service (still works fine in desktop).  Now it is all or nothing - if Data Labels is swtiched to on, it shows all labels regardless of the Customize Series.  This is making for some hard to read charts!


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Yes it is working properly now! Thanks for the fix.

Helper II

mine is not, did you download something new?

Helper I

Mine is now working.  


Thanks alot of everyone!!

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I am still facing this issue in Mar 2020 desktop version.. Any solution to this????

Helper III

@v-yulgu-msft this is happening to me now, but under Shapes in the formatting pane. I have measures on a line chart to simulate a constant line, and I don't want their marker to show. I choose "Custom series" under Shapes in teh formatting pane, and it looks great in Desktop. Just this week it started rendering funny in Service, see pictures: 
Desktop, correctDesktop, correctService, :(Service, 😞