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DAX function "RELATED" does not work between DirectQuery and Import tables.

When using the DAX function "RELATED" to add a new column from an Imported table to a DirectQuery table, I receive an error. This error does not occur if both tables are using DirectQuery.

Column: SampleColumn = RELATED(ImportTable[Column])

Error: "The column 'ImportTable[Column]' either doesn't exist or doesn't have a relationship to any table available in the current context."

Relationship: DirectQueryTable[SampleKey] (many) has a relationship with ImportTable[SampleKey] (one)

Cardinality = Many to One (*:1)

Cross filter direction = Both

Make this relationship active = Checked


Note: When creating the column using "RELATED" in the DirectQueryTable table, ImportTable shows up as a suggestion.

Status: Accepted
Frequent Visitor

Issue still persists.
Any update?

Frequent Visitor

Same issue still persists here. 

Not applicable

Hi MS Team, any updates on when this update will get implemented?

Frequent Visitor

Just checking in, @v-qiuyu-msft and @PBICommunity MS Team...

Seems I'm the most recent, of several checking in / adding to the general request for an update regarding this issue.  Any info, eta, general progress and/or "bandaid" workarounds (in the meantime) would be a big help. 



Not applicable

Same issue.

Is there a workaround while this hasn’t been fixed?

Advocate II

still not working. And the same between directquery and dual

Helper I

Is there any solution to this yet? This post is 3 years old at this point and from what I can tell it is still a problem.

Helper I

Any update on this topic? Or anyone that has any work around suggestion? Thanks in advance!

Helper I

Is there a workaround?

Helper III

Still relevant, getting same issue